Samer H. on October 5, 2018 Gave a 5 Star Review on Google

“I don’t know how to articulate how impressive, professional, and personable the whole staff at Ogen & Sedaghati is. First off, Natalie Sedaghati could not have been any more nice and respectful throughout this whole process. Her number one priority to me was always my health. I was probably more on the stubborn side because I needed multiple opinions on everything, and she never pressured me in any way, which I know is the typical experience with PI attorneys. She treated me like family the whole time, and always put my well-being first. Aside from that, she was responsive and made sure that I was aware of everything happening with my case. Being in a lawsuit is a miserable and long process, but the only thing that made it pleasant was working with Natalie and her partner Eitan Ogen. They are considered among the top lawyers in the country for a reason.”

William B—Former juror on a case we tried, came to us 5 years later

I was the foreman on a Jury that heard a case presented by Mr. Ogen and Ms. Sedaghati. It was a motor vehicle case relating to a soft tissue injury (herniated disk), with minimal property damage, and minimal treatment.  Nevertheless, we were persuaded of the significance of the Plaintiff’s case, through an excellent presentation of the case, dramatic cross examination of the Defendants’ doctors, and compelling closing arguments.  Together with my fellow Jurors, after due deliberation, we awarded $850,000 to the Plaintiff.  I was so impressed by the attorneys that I kept their information, just in case anything ever happened to me.  Almost five years later, when I had the misfortune of being involved in my own accident, I knew immediately who I wanted to represent me.  I immediately called Mr. Ogen and Ms. Sedaghati, and I knew right away that I was in the best hands, I would receive the best possible advice, from personable experienced attorneys, and maximize the value of my case.  The attorneys were able to obtain the full six figure policy in settlement for me, without the necessity of even having to start a lawsuit.  Who would have thought that doing my civic duty of jury service would end up helping me years later when I needed a good attorney for myself?

Joseph F—A former defendant in a lawsuit, came to us later for his own case

The way I initially heard about Mr. Ogen & Ms. Sedaghati was when I was served with papers a few years ago as a Defendant in a lawsuit arising from a car accident.  My insurance company handled the defense of that case.  A few months later, I heard that the insurance company settled the case, and I was very surprised.  I knew what kind of accident it was, there was no property damage to either vehicle, and I had considered it to be minor.  I could not believe what my insurance company settled it for, but I knew that these attorneys had to be really good.  So, when I was injured in a car accident some months later, there was only one firm that I wanted to represent me. I did not hesitate to call Mr. Ogen & Ms. Sedaghati and ask them to handle my case.  I knew I was in the most capable hands, who would fight for every last dollar that is due to me.

Joseph K—Another former defendant in a lawsuit, came to us later for his own case

I first met Mr. Ogen when he sat across the table from me, deposing me in a motor vehicle case, where I was a named Defendant. He was extremely skillful and professional in his questioning and I was very impressed. Here was an attorney that is truly at the top of his game. Several years later, when I was injured in an accident, I knew right away that there was no other attorney that I would want to represent me, so I called Mr. Ogen’s office immediately and asked them to handle my case. They have continued to meet, and usually exceed, my expectations.

CJ—I Received Over $1.385 Million for Non-Surgical, Soft Tissue Case

In 2006, I was a pedestrian involved in a car accident. I was told that I had soft tissue injuries to my neck and back, which I treated with therapy. I retained Mr. Ogen’s office because I was told by a co-worker that he was truly the best at what he does, hands down. When the insurance companies involved refused to offer more than $40,000, Mr. Ogen took the case to trial. The defense team fought him tooth and nail throughout a 3 week long trial, presenting all kinds of evidence to undermine the case. I felt like I lost for sure because of the strong evidence they presented against me. Nevertheless, despite all the problems in the case, he convinced a Jury to award me $1.3 Million at trial, even more than the $1 Million he asked for.

The defense lawyers tried to set aside the verdict, but Mr. Ogen fought it and the trial judge agreed with him and kept the verdict at over $1 Million. The defense lawyers then hired special appellate counsel to appeal the case, and Mr. Ogen fought them again. Mr. Ogen convinced the appellate court to keep the award at over $1 Million. At the end of the day, State Farm Insurance Co. ended up paying over $1.358 Million, including interest and costs. Mr. Ogen’s office collected every penny, even though what the insurance company had to pay was above the actual policy limits. They not only get the big bucks, they collect on it.

I had confidence and trust in Ogen & Sedaghati the whole way. The end result just re-confirmed it: He is truly the best at what he does. While I had confidence in Mr. Ogen, I never believed I would see that kind of money, not at the time of trial, and not afterwards. When I heard what the final amount ended up being, I really thought he was joking. I heard all the horror stories about appellate courts reversing Jury verdicts. But having seen how skillful Mr. Ogen is at his craft, I can see how he was able to pull this through. My family and I are so grateful to Mr. Ogen and his office. They are really gifted at what they do. This is such an incredible outcome, especially since I didn’t have surgery and went back to work after the accident. My life and my family’s life will never be the same now because of what Mr. Ogen did for me.

Robert W.—Motorycle accident

Sunday, October 23, 2011, was a date that changed our lives forever. You see my husband was in a motorcycle accident.  My first phone call was to our Orthopedist and then my second call was to Ogen & Sedaghati.  They were so attentive and told me not to worry about anything.  So we put our trust in them as we were directed to by a good friend of ours Donato Sangemino, who was a past client of the Firm’s as well. The bills start coming in from the accident as well as our regular monthly bills and I called them frantic. I think back now and have to laugh when I remember the calmness in Eitan’s voice telling me: “Don’t worry, just take care of your husband.”  And I did; we put ALL of our trust with Eitan, Natalie, Dana, Arianna, and Naveed.

 We would HIGHLY recommend the Ogen & Sedaghati firm to anyone. As a matter of fact we have done that already. The most aggressive (in a good way, for the client), accommodating, attentive attorneys I have ever met.  You see, by releasing our apprehensions and FULLY trusting them they won our family $1,250,000.00. We believed and they achieved! Our family cannot THANK YOU enough!

MG—$ 1 Million Policy Limits Obtained in Disputed Causality Case

Natalie and Eitan have changed my life, like I could never imagine.  They got the insurance company to give up their whole Million dollar policy, even with all the problems in my case.  They also made sure that all my medical bills were being covered, even though the insurance company was trying to deny payment. They are such incredible fighters.  They know exactly what they are doing, they are really good at it, and they won’t settle for anything less than the maximum.  They are not only the best attorneys in the world, but are the nicest people.  I felt like I was at home in their hands.  They were always there for me every step of the way, and kept me informed at all times of the status of the case.  They were always concerned about me and I knew I could call any time, even late at night, and they would understand me, even though I have problems speaking in English.  Words cannot even express my gratitude to them for changing my life. I never expected in a million years that I would receive this amount of compensation.  I am still in shock.  The best thing a client can hope for is that they accept the case, because if they take the case, they will fight so hard for you and get the absolute maximum last dollar possible. I have even seen them get the impossible.  They have also represented numerous family members and friends of mine in the past, and in each case, they have gotten incredible results.  Any attorney can tell you they are the best lawyer.  But these attorneys have proven it again and again and again.  I still get surprised at the outcomes they achieve each time.  I would not let any of my family or friends go to any other lawyer for an injury case.

Joseph K.—Had 2 prior accidents; prior attorney obtained offer of $7,500.  Ogen & Sedaghati then obtained the full $250,000 policy limits.

I had the misfortune of being involved in 3 accidents during a period of a couple of years.  When I had the 3rd accident, a disputed liability case involving the same body parts as the other accidents, I asked Ogen & Sedaghati to represent me.  They declined the case as it was only three months after my second accident and I was still treating for my injuries in the second accident, it was a minimal impact case, there wasn’t even a police report, I didn’t go to the hospital and it was about 2 weeks after the accident that I first went to a doctor to make complaints.  I then went to another attorney who, after about a year and a half, got a $7,500 offer, after demanding $10,000.  I came back to Ogen & Sedaghati and again asked (actually begged) for them to take the case.  They did so, and obtained the full $250,000 policy limits without me having to testify at Trial.  I can clearly see what a difference a good attorney can make in a case.  For me, they obtained 33 times what my prior attorney was able to obtain.  They are really the best attorneys –they are very aggressive, experienced and they succeed even with the most problematic and difficult cases! They have a special gift.  It’s not something that can be learned.  And these lawyers have it.  A few years later when my elderly mother was very seriously injured in a accident while she was crossing the street—there was no other attorneys I would trust—except Ogen & Sedaghati,PC to handle her case.

Andrew Bottari, Esq.–Attorney testimonial
I am experienced New York attorney.  I know and deal with many attorneys who handle personal injury cases.  I see the manner in which they handle cases and the recoveries they obtain for their clients as compared to Ogen & Sedaghati, PC, and there is no comparison.  While I handle some personal injury work, when a new client comes to me, I always first check to see if Ogen & Sedaghati, PC will agree to take the case.  That is because I know that they will obtain the maximum value on the case and they will do the best possible job for the client.  Over the past 12 years, I have referred many cases to them and the clients were all very thankful that I found such great attorneys for them, especially when they obtained such great results.  They have my full confidence to handle the most serious cases, and even the most problematic of cases, and to achieve the best result possible.  In fact, when I was injured in an accident, and subsequently, when my wife was injured in a different accident, I knew right away that I wanted them to handle our cases.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the kind of job they do.  Their combination of skill, experience, aggressiveness, and reputation is unbeatable.

Yaffa T.—Bumped head on the door frame

Several years ago, I walked into a door frame while on the job.  The next day I got a headache so went to the hospital to get checked out.  I had no other treatment after that. Several months later, when I started to receive hospital bills, I had no insurance so I consulted with Ms. Sedaghati and Mr. Ogen who represented me in another accident.  They initially refused to take my case since the accident was not reported, I only went to the hospital the next day where all the tests were normal and my headaches went away. After finally convincing them to take my case so I can get my hospital bills paid for, they not only got my hospital bills paid for, they obtained a $90,000 offer, in claim, all without even having to litigate the case.  I was in disbelief and very impressed with the value obtained on my case and how fast it was obtained.  There is no doubt that these attorneys will get the maximum amount for a case with even the most difficult problems and issues.

Donato Sangemino—Found us on Internet. Obtained entire policy limits which was 15 times offer of prior attorney.

This is my story about how Ogen & Sedaghati, PC obtained the full policy limits of $300,000 for me when my prior lawyer was pressuring me to settle for only the $20,000 offer he was able to obtain.
I was a driver in an automobile accident on September 24, 2007.  Before retaining Ogen & Sedaghati, PC, I had another attorney representing me for the injuries I sustained in my accident. He was pressuring me to settle my case for $20,000 because I had a prior back surgery with prior back problems and treatment pre-dating this accident, and the injuries here were similar.  The prior attorney never helped me find the doctors I needed to help me with my condition. I spoke with a few other lawyers who also told me to take the $20,000 offer since it was a Suffolk County case, there was minimum damage to my vehicle, my car wasn’t towed, I didn’t complain at the scene, I didn’t go to the hospital, I didn’t make a claim for lost wages, and I had a prior back surgery with ongoing back complaints before this accident.
I wasn’t sure what to do, I was almost convinced by my attorney to settle my case but my sister-in-law found the Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C. firm and their successful verdicts and settlements on the Internet one day. I met with them and I was very happy that they agreed to pursue my case. I was very impressed with them the entire time they handled my case. The first time I was very impressed was when I was on a three way phone call with Natalie Sedaghati, Esq., my doctor, and my No Fault Insurance Company and she got them to agree to pay for all of my bills, which they had originally denied after my no fault benefits were cut off for several specialists, including physical Therapy. Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C. got them to pay all my outstanding medical bills and medications, which they originally denied and also got them to continue paying all of my medical bills, including physical therapy and medications, to date. I knew from then on that these attorneys were really good and I was in good hands. My prior attorney had told me that once I got denied there was nothing I could do. He was wrong.  The attorneys Eitan Ogen and Natalie Sedaghati did an amazing job litigating the case. 
Then one day, my attorneys asked me to come in, and I was speechless when I found out that they got the insurance company to offer me the entire $300,000 insurance full policy limit without even having to go to trial. It was unbelievable. They are definitely the best attorneys out there and they have a special gift—they are one of a kind –they have a drive like no other attorneys, they fought for my rights and got me more than I could have ever imagined was possible. I felt like the luckiest person in the world to have them represent me and it was the luckiest day of my life when my sister-in-law found them on the internet and they agreed to take my case. Ogen & Sedaghati, PC and their staff are very experienced and professional.  They were always responsive and took the time to address any concerns I had.  I was given the best possible guidance and advice, and I knew I could trust them to do the best for me.  From the beginning I felt like they were working hard for my interests, not those of the insurance company or the doctors.  I only feel sorry for my fellow passenger who stayed with my prior attorney and was convinced by him to settle his case for only $4,000.  My only other wish was that I could have had them as my attorneys from the very beginning.

Pardis Partow, Esq.–Attorney testimonial
I am a New Jersey attorney.  I have dealt and worked with many attorneys over the years.  I have known them for over 12 years and I have seen the kind of value that they obtain on personal injury cases.  I refer any injured clients that ask for my advice to them, and they have always obtained the best results.  In fact, when I myself was injured a few years ago, I immediately asked them to represent me.  I would never trust anyone else.  They have unbelievable drive and a unique set qualities that no one else could even come close to matching.  They are very tough and will fight real hard for their client’s rights.

Maria Di Maria—Minor impact, bulging disc case, six figure policy limits obtained

I had an auto accident where there was no visible damage to either car, we didn’t even call the police or get police report, I didn’t make any complaints at the scene or go to the hospital. Some time following the accident, I went to a doctor and started getting physical therapy for my neck and back. I had MRIs and EMG nerve tests. The MRIs showed bulging discs in my neck and back but the nerve tests were all normal. The insurance company offered me 7,500 and Ms. Sedaghati told me in since it was a Queens County case with all of the above problems, the insurance company is offering a low amount.  She advised that many non surgical, no fracture cases get dismissed, especially when there was no nerve damage.  In addition, I had returned to work and had prior similar injuries from a prior accident. She said it was up to me, and that if I wanted her to fight she would. I told her that if she believes in my case, I would agree to go forward.  Within a few months, and without trial, she got Geico to pay me the entire $100,000 policy limits. It is quite unbelievable, but I know one thing for certain—there is no way any other attorney’s office could do it. I’m really grateful for what she did on my case and I would not trust any other attorney. They are wonderful!

A.D.—Multi six figure settlement—referred various family members for subsequent accidents

I was so pleased with the multi six figure settlement Ogen and Sedaghati got for me that, in subsequent years, when my sons, daughter and wife were all injured in different accidents—there was only one attorney’s office I trusted.  They did not disappoint and proved themselves all over again in each and every case. They work really hard for their clients and treat each case like it’s there only case. It’s easy for an attorney to say they are the best but they prove it every time. They are the best attorneys!

Ester K.—City refused to offer above 15K; O&S obtained almost a quarter million dollars

I had an accident case against the City of New York. I consulted with several attorneys before I retained Ogen & Sedaghati who came very highly recommended. We were told that whatever the case was worth they would get the maximum. I felt very comfortable with Ogen & Sedaghati and decided to retain them to represent me. After a few months, the City offered me $15,000 since I didn’t break anything and I had a lot of problems with the case. I signed the settlement papers and my attorney told me that If I didn’t mind waiting she would fight them and get more money for me. I wasn’t really sure what to do all I knew was that I trusted them to do the right thing so I agreed to go forward with the case. They got me close to a quarter million dollars ($250,000) settlement without trial. Who would have thought that was even possible. That is why no attorneys even come close to them.

J.C.—Tough liability case, multiple prior accidents

Despite the fact that I had a very difficult case, they obtained a fantastic settlement for me.  I was in a three car accident where both the other drivers testified that they had a green light and that it was my fault since I passed a red light.  Both of the other drivers’ accounts matched up and it was looking very bad for me.  In addition, I had multiple prior accidents for the same body parts.  Nevertheless, they were able to negotiate a terrific settlement with all 3 insurers (they investigated and found that one of the vehicles had an additional insurance company).  I obtained maximum value for the case despite all the problems.  I was so happy with the outcome.

Henry Cabbagestalk—Tough liability case, soft tissue injuries

I was extremely happy with how the attorneys at Ogen & Sedaghati, PC handled my and my family’s case.  They were very thorough in investigation, they cared about us as clients and our welfare.  We were especially satisfied with the personal aspect of the firm—we always felt like they cared about us.  Even though the other vehicle was blaming me for causing the accident, and even though I didn’t break anything or have surgery, and I was back at work, they obtained a great settlement, where I ended up with more than 6 figures in my pocket.  I was extremely happy with how professionally they handled the case and even happier with the result.  I always felt like I was in the best hands.

YK—Out of State Auto Accident

I had some pain in my neck and back from an accident I had when I was out of state.  Thankfully, I did not have any fractures, surgeries or injections and my pain resolved with some therapy.  Ogen & Sedaghati, PC obtained an amazing $175,000 settlement for my case, without even having to even start a lawsuit.  I was so impressed and grateful at the amount recovered and the speed with which it was done.

Aloma M.—Grateful client

I’M VERY THANKFUL.  I have just received the check in the mail this afternoon approximately 3:45 p.m.  Words cannot expressed how thankful I am for you both to represent me. . . . Thank you from the depths of my heart for the extra blessings.  May God the creator continue to multiply your blessings tremendously, and may you both be rewarded for a job well done, not only for me but also for all the others you have represented. BLESSINGS TO YOU, YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY AND YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY AS WELL.

Faten Daou—Took her Case Nearly 3 Years After Accident, with Treatment Benefits Long Closed and Denied, Re-Opened the Benefits and Brought Case to Successful Resolution Within A Few Weeks.

Thank you Natalie for believing in me and for taking my case regardless to how complicated and difficult it was. You fought very hard to stand up for my rights and what’s right. You were the only one who was able to set things straight and forward, and this what people need. Not only that, thank you for guiding me to get the proper medical care that I strongly needed and others neglected. Please keep doing what you’re doing because people now days need a lawyer who has righteousness and justice to stand strong for them. I almost lost hope in the system, the lawyer before you dropped my case and didn’t care about my rights and what’s right. I almost lost hope until I saw how different and diligent you are. Mistakes and injustice do happen and that’s why people need a lawyer like you to bring the matter back to balance and justice. I had two bad experiences with lawyers, after knowing you I now know that goodness and justice still exist. 

You have been honest, just, strong and supportive all along to make this happen. You contemplated the impossible and made it possible that’s what the world needs. You brought the case from injustice to justice that’s what people need. I deeply appreciate your work for standing with me towards righteousness and justice. This could only happen with the right lawyer, the best lawyer in the world and that is You. I’m pleased and very happy for all that work you’ve done for me to win my case. I thank you and all your team. 

With the right people the impossible is possible because you really wanted to make a difference. Natalie, thank you so much for all that you do and did so far to help me and many others get their rights and their voices heard. It takes people like you with integrity to make a difference, thank you so much for all your hard work, for believing in me, and for being woman that stands strong for what’s right. I’m happy to know you, and for you to come into my life to make a difference…I’m happy to know people like you exist.  My sincere gratitude to you and God for standing by me and guiding me. 

You are a great woman and a lawyer, please keep doing the right thing, keep doing what you’re doing for people like me and others that need you. May your prize be an abundance of joy, bliss and good health.


Faten Daou